West Paw Tux

West Paw Tux
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Made of West Paw’s unique Zogoflex material, Tux is super tough, and can be stuffed with treats.

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Product Description

Tux is a great toy that can keep your dog engaged for hours. The open space inside allows plenty of room to stuff with a treat of your choice, and, because Tux is made from West Paw Design’s ultra tough zogoflex material it can stand up to plenty of chewing, and if your dog manages to break it, its guaranteed with a one time replacement.

Like all the toys in the Zogoflex range, Tux is 100% recyclable, BPA free and dishwasher safe. Since Tux can be stuffed with treats it’s a great choice to help eleviate boredom in your pet while you are unable to spend time with them. This can help with problem behaviours such as those caused by separation anxiety.

The Tux® is part of the CHEW range. It is the toughest of the West Paw range.


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