Crocodile Tongue

Crocodile Tongue
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Chewy high protein seafood treat for your dog.

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Product Description

While crocodile is new on our treat menu, it is fast becoming one of the popular choices as an alternative to the other standard meat proteins on the market.

Low fat content and packed full of protein, our crocodile tongue is the new chewy, all Australian, treat with no nasty additives.

The crocodile tongue is a good option for those wanting to give their dog something that will last longer than the jerky. It has a seafood flavour with a chewy, meaty texture, giving your dog a change to their usual treat stock.

Our crocodile tongues range in weight from approx. 20-40g, with an approximate length of 11cm, per piece.

Great for dogs of all sizes and ages. Give it a try, your dog will love it.

*Crocodile is also a good choice for dogs with certain food allergies or who currently undertaking a food elimination diet.

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