Creaky Bones

Creaky Bones
Creaky Bones
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Creaky Bones helps get older dogs moving again.

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Product Description

Phud’s Creaky Bones provides Arthritis, mobility and immune support for seniors, by introducing herbs into their diet that assist mobility brought on by rhuematic and arthritic conditions.

Joint movement, elasticity and function can reduce over time naturally with the aging pet or from injury. Creaky Bones is a brillient healthy alternative aid for dogs experiencing discomfort, pain or stiffness due to arthritic/rhuematic joint conditions or imbalances in connective tissue and associated symptoms. Can be used long or short term. The herbs used in Creaky Bones are known to over centuries to contain natural anti inflammatory/analgesic actions. Creaky Bones has extra beneficial assistance for boosting and restoring a healthier immune,digestive, urinary, joint and memory functions. Senoir dogs develop special needs as the aging process progresses and becomes weaker. Creaky Bones is a natural multifaceted choice to aid in mobility, strength and confidence.

white willow bark, devils claw root, nettle leaf, rosehips, echinacea, gingko biloba, slippery elm bark

Size 300g

Ave serving 1-2 tsp (5-10g) per day per 20kg dog.

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