Adaptil Travel Spray

Adaptil Travel Spray
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Aids in travel-related anxiety

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Product Description

If you are struggling with an anxious dog, the Adaptil range is one of the first places we send clients. For situational stress or anxiety such as car travel, the Adaptil Spray can be a great option.

How it works:
The Adaptil Spray releases Adaptil’s dog appeasing pheromone into your dog’s environment to help promote feelings of calm and well-being. The Adaptil spray is designed to be applied in the environment 15mins before your dog enters the environment. Once introduced, the dog will begin to feel and overall sense of calm.

The maximum effectiveness, the spray should be administered every 1.5-2 hours.

Additional Information

Weight 0.08 kg

Diffuser + Refill, Refill Only 48ml


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