The Foobler – why you need this in your dogs life

The Foobler is the newest treats dispenser on the market. It is also one of the best treat dispensers on the market right now!! So why DO we LOVE the Foobler?

Here are our top 5 reasons:

Improves Brain Development

As your dog plays with the Foobler, they will be using their minds to work out how to get the treats. This increases their problem solving skills and makes for a smarter, happier dog.

The Ultimate Home Alone Boredom Buster and Anxiety Diffuser

You work during the day. What does your dog do? Dogs get bored or develop separation related behaviours. Treat dispensing toys like Foobler are a great way to break up the day and keep your pets brain and body active. The Foobler can last as long as 8 hours, keeping your dog entertained throughout the average work day and minimising anxious behaviours.

Reduces Bad Behaviour

Because the Foobler has a built in timer, treats are dispensed at 15, 30 ,60 or 90 minute intervals. This allows the Foobler to keep your dog engaged throughout the day for up to 8 hours. Using their brain to problem solve throughout the day means they are less likely to go and make their own fun through undesirable behaviours.

Slows Feeding

Like other treat dispensing toys, the Foobler releases only a few treats at a time to stop dogs inhaling their food. What makes the Foobler different to the others is it’s ability to portion control an entire meal throughout a day, in turn decreasing your dog’s chance of bloat (GDV) a potentially fatal condition. It also prevents your dog from inhaling their food which reducing choking risks.


Your Dog Will Love It

Not only is it great for you, it is also heaps of fun for your dog, tapping into it’s natural scavenging instincts. This will quickly become their favourite toy.
Now you know why WE love it, it’s your turn to tell us why you love it. Buy one of the new Foobler treat dispensers, post a¬†photo of your dog using the Foobler to our Facebook page along with the reason you love it and go in the draw to win a Treat Pack valued at $50.

Entries close Wednesday 1st March. Winner announced Thursday 2nd March.

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