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Hello Everyone,

First of all, thank you for your continued support during this difficult time, and we wish you all the best in whatever situation you are facing.

We are making this page available as a location for updates on our operations without having to provide a constant ongoing message stream for our various services. Stay safe everyone.

We are still open, however we have limited our thursday/friday late night hours, so our current hours are 10am to 4pm, 7 days a week.

If you want to minimise your time out and about, please feel free to phone/email ahead or order online for delivery. Metro VIC orders over $100 can be delivered free of charge.


Pet stores can remain open as an essential food supply under the stage 3 directives. We feel this is important as many of the items we supply that you think of as essential food for your pets are simply unavailable in supermarkets and even some mainstream pet speciality stores.

That said, all retail premises are impacted by the restrictions meaning that in our case, no more that 9 people should be present in the front of the shop at any one time inclusive of staff, and we are adhering to the relevant spacing and cleaning instructions as outlined in the most recent government directives.

If you can see the shop is over crowded at all when you arrive, please wait a moment for some people to leave before entering, and avoid touching products as much as possible. Sanitised tongs are available for the loose treats.

Online orders are currently unaffected. Be assured we are taking the necessary precautions regarding cleanliness when packing and sending your goods.

Ordering for delivery is definitely the preferred method for both us and you in the current climate.

For those of you who buy cold storage items from our store we are currently working on a solution to make those items deliverable within a local range along with all of our other stock.

Under stage 4 restrictions, our walking service is suspended unless there is a genuine human/animal welfare concern present.

We hope to be back in full swing mid September.

Unfortunately we can’t put pause on our pets’ behaviour, so some of you are still in need of direct training help now.

That said, under stage 4 we are not allowed to run in home sessions unless there is a human/animal welfare concern.

If you are struggling with your pets behaviour but unsure about having a visit to your home under the current conditions feel free to talk to us about your situation.

We are also offer packages with a video call session now followed by a in person session post lock down.

As many of you will be aware, we are a permanent fixture at the Kingsbury Drive Community Market on Sundays.

Unfortunately the market is not able to run at present. You can order online, or visit us in store at 38 Main Street, Greensborough.

For info on other stalls please visit https://www.kdcm.com.au/stalls-on-line