Behavioural Consults

Our consultation service is for anyone who wants to better understand and improve upon their dog’s behaviour. We work with all breeds and can help with problems ranging from improvement of basic obedience to more difficult situations such anxiety, and aggression.


Occasionally, owners are faced with behavioural challenges with their pets. Life throws you a curve ball and you and your dog are left feeling less than ideal. Some behaviours are more serious than others, but whatever your concern is, it’s always best to ask for help to assess the situation and work with us to modify these behaviours to prevent them from escalating or becoming ingrained.

Initial consultations run for approximately two hours, and are priced from $275.

“Our consultations are designed to give you the knowledge required to establish a friendly and in control relationship with your canine companion.”


We will show you how to manage and improve upon a complete range of problem behaviours, and in most cases you will see some improvement in your dog’s behaviour almost immediately.  We work directly with your dog, but also get you involved in understanding why your dog is acting the way it does. We’ll show you how to read and understand your dog’s body language to address, and in turn resolve, your dog’s issues.

Below are some of the issues we commonly deal with during our consultations:

  • Excessive barking
  • Aggression and reactivity toward dogs/humans
  • Lead pulling
  • Jumping on guests or family members
  • Destructive behaviour
  • Toilet training
  • Anti-social behaviour toward other dogs
  • Anxiety and fear related behaviour
  • Resource guarding
  • General manners within the house environment
  •  Over-excitement
  • Multi-dog household dynamics
  • …and more


As soon as you feel that your dog is showing signs of undesirable behaviour, it is best to contact a specialist to discuss the behaviour to determine the possible solutions available to resolve any issues you may be facing. Something as simple as your dog pulling on the lead or jumping on you or guests can be a sign of underlying issues that can lead to more serious problem behaviours down the track.

There are many different types of trainers in the industry. Some have qualifications where others don’t have any. Some use a “one size fits all approach” to training. At The Pawfectionist, we understand that all dogs are different and can require a different training approach to resolve certain issues. We use a combination of all training methods depending on the needs of the dog. Our focus is to help you understand the psychology behind each behaviour to help give you the tools to better understand your dog and use this information to continue working with your dog long after we are gone.

We believe that building a strong relationship with your dog is one of the key elements in canine training and behaviour modification. Finding out what motivates the dog, using it to elicit behaviours then interpreting the dog’s body language to improve communication between dog and owner/trainer is our main focus in our training. Our aim is to make all training as fun and encouraging as possible for each dog.

During our initial consultation we will discuss the issues you are having with your dog while observing your dog’s behaviour, we then put together some training exercises that suit you and your dog to help modify the unwanted behaviours and prevent further behaviours from occuring. We will explain each process with you as we go to ensure you are confident with each step we take in modifying the behaviour of your dog.

All members of the household should be present during a consultation. This will include children if they are old enough to understand and participate with training, or if the dog’s issue relates to the younger members of the home. Please be advised that children should not be present if the behaviour issue is aggression related.

Our fees are charged on a household basis, not per dog. It does not cost extra for a multiple dog household.

This will depend on the specific issues relating to your dog’s behaviour and the time that is put in by you, as the owner, outside of the consultation session. Issues that have been ongoing for a while may take longer to resolve than new undesired behaviours as the older behaviours can be more ingrained into the dog’s psyche. This is one of the reasons it is advised to seek advice as soon as your dog is showing signs of undesired behaviour.

The Pawfectionist can travel throughout Metro and Rural Victoria, if necessary. Please be aware that a travel fee made be charged for distances of more 30km. For more information regarding this, please contact us.

Consultations can also be geared toward owners with no behavioural concerns as yet, but who may be new to owning a dog and would like to learn:

  • General dog behavior
  • Obedience/trick training
  • How to prevent problems from occurring
  • How the dog’s mind works and caring for it appropriately