About The Pawfectionist

We are passionate about dogs, dog training and dog welfare and provide a range of services to dog owners in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, and greater Melbourne area.


Belinda Sumner, the founder and behaviour specialist at The Pawfectionist, has successfully completed a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training and is continually updating her skills and knowledge via regular workshops and seminars around Australia.
Some specialist training techniques Belinda has researched include Amichien Bonding, Behavioural Adjustment Training (BAT) and Tellington Touch.
Belinda has experiencing in assessing dog behaviour, having assessed dogs at the Lost Dogs Home to determine suitability for foster care through Forever Friends Animal Rescue.
Belinda is a regular media contributor on topics relating to canine behaviour. You can hear Belinda every Sunday morning on 3MP 1377 AM radio. Podcasts of previous episodes can be heard here.


“With our walking and consultation services in place, we aim to help lower the number of dogs in shelters and ultimately help owners live pawfect lives with their dogs.”


To help dog owners live harmonious lives with their four-legged companions.

The peace of mind to leave for work knowing that someone would be by to exercise and relax their dog while they are gone, and the joy and relief to have someone to help explore avenues to modify problem behaviours their dog is exhibiting.


The Pawfectionist uses a relationship-based training method to help owners understand their dogs and build stronger relationships in the process of achieving a calmer, happier outcome for both human and dog.

“We believe that building a strong relationship with your dog is one of the key elements in dog training and behaviour modification.”

Without a strong foundation of trust and understanding of each dog individually, we will not be able to teach and lead them effectively. Finding out what motivates the dog, using it to elicit behaviours then interpreting the dog’s body language to improve communication between dog and owner is our main focus in our training.

Our aim is to make all training as fun and encouraging as possible for each dog without the use of fear or intimidation tactics. All staff at The Pawfectionist have successfully completed training in Pet First Aid.


Forever Friends is a volunteer based, not for profit, organisation that exists to rescue healthy homeless animals from unnecessary euthanasia in pounds and shelters across Victoria. Rescued animals are placed in foster care until such time that they can find their forever homes. The Pawfectionist works with Forever Friends foster carers and newly adopted owners to help them learn more about their dog and how to correct any behaviours the dogs have brought along from their previous life. For the organisation, this helps in creating more adoptable dogs, as well as ensuring they remain in their newly adopted homes.