7 Reasons To Try Phud’s Dog Food

We have been using Phud’s Dog Food for quite a few years now. There are SOOO many reasons we at The Pawfectionist love Phud’s Dog Food. We wanted to share our thoughts with you to give you an idea of the benefits of adding Phuds dog food to your dog’s daily meal.

We love Phud’s so much that we are offering free samples of Phud’for a limited time only!

Here are our top reasons for feeding Phud’s to your dog!

1. A healthy skin and coat

The nutrients found in Phud’s Dog Food turns your dog’s coat from oily and dandruff-filled to a nice soft, shiny, healthy coat. One of our older canine clients had surgery many months before we met him and his hair had not grown back.

After such a long time, the owners resigned to the fact he would have short hair in that part for the rest of his life. In just two weeks of eating Phud’s Dog Food, his coat began to regrow and it became healthy and shiny. Another canine client had old scars from previous surgeries throughout his life that softened and reduced after changing to Phud’s Dog Food. Imagine how  your dog’s skin and coat might change when on Phud’s!

2. Increased mobility

Thanks to the rosehip and other essential ingredients, many clients have noted an increase in their dog’s mobility, going from a slightly slow and rigid movement to a dog than can move more freely and happily. As a result, they have been able to rebuild leg muscle strength to further protect their joints. Some clients also add Joint Yoga for injury repair (get yours here) or Creaky Bones for arthritis (get it here) to help their dog, in addition to the Phud’s Dog food and have seen great results.

3. Weight Loss

Due to the lack of fillers and artificial ingredients, we have found that for any overweight dogs, once they have changed over to Phud’s Dog Food, they seem to lose the weight and gain muscle tone. It is great to hear stories from owners of dogs, that can’t seem to shift the excess weight, to see it come off them easily and safely once on Phud’s.

In contrast, we have also had skinny old dogs that were malnourished from their current commercial dog food, increase their weight to a better level and build muscle tone as well as improve their skin and coat condition.

4. It’s REAL food

Are you ever worried about what is actually in the food you give your dog? You’re not alone. We love that we can see what we are feeding our dog.

Not having to worry about hidden ingredients like salt and meat by-products while knowing our dog is getting everything he needs and nothing he doesn’t.

When you open the bag, you can see each ingredient you are feeding your dog.

5. You can choose your meat

We don’t like to feed too much beef, as our dog gets a little stinky on it, so we feed mainly chicken and kangaroo mince with our Phud’s. We love that we can add whatever meat we like, from lamb to turkey to rabbit and anything else you like.

This is great for dogs that have allergies or intolerances to specific meats. If one of your dogs has an allergy or intolerance to a particular type of meat, you can still feed them the same food, just changing the meat to suit each dog.

6. No-fuss preparation

I have spoken to clients who want to feed their dog a raw, homemade dog food but struggle to balance the meals with the correct amount of nutrients, as well as the effort to prepare the meals and freeze them each week.

Phud’s is so easy to make. You mix some Phud’s dog food with boiling water and stir until the water is absorbed. Then you add your mince meat of choice and stir until mixed through. You can also portion out meals for the week and freeze, if you like.

7. Great Poo and No Farts!!

We had to include this one on our list because almost every client whispers it when they give us feedback on how their dog is doing on Phud’s. They put their hand up to the side of their face, lean in and say quietly “their poo is GREAT, they don’t smell and it is so easy to pick up”.

So there you have it. Just a few of the many benefits of trying Phud’s Dog Food for yourself. To get your FREE SAMPLE of Phud’s Dog Food, go here!! For the next 30 days, you can get your free sample with FREE postage!!*

*Free postage offer expires on Sunday 30th of April.

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